Local Parts & Service

The Security of Local Parts and Service

What might the cost of downtime be to your stamping operation if you experienced component failure with feeding and coil handling equipment you purchased that was manufactured in the far east? How quickly could you obtain replacement or wear parts support so your operation would be up and running again?

Unlike several makes of feeding and coil handling equipment manufactured overseas and simply marketed in North America, all Rapid-Air equipment is manufactured entirely in the U.S. This means when you choose from Rapid-Air’s broad range of superior equipment, you have the security of knowing that every product is backed by unmatched parts availability and service.

For nearly half a century, Rapid-Air has supplied the stamping industry. As the choice of leading stamping operations throughout North America, we have a larger installed equipment base than most of our competitors. You can always be certain that we stock high levels of spare parts, should the need ever arise.