Coil Handling Equipment

Stock Reels: The most complete selection available from any source.
Powered and non-powered.  Adjustable and fixed centers.


We build our stock reels for lasting durability featuring heavy duty shafts with full bearing support to handle heavy coil loads day in and day out, rugged coil centering arms, and sturdy all steel cabinets and support bases.  The options and accessories for each of our models enables you to configure a reel practically any way you want for dependable payoff of coil stock.

Pallet Reels: Leave stock coils on shipping pallets and reduce material handling.



Specialty Stock Reels:
• Reel/Straightener combo – save floor space, maximize production.
• Dual Swivel – save valuable production time handling heavy coils.
• Rim Drive – payout from press or backside of reel.
• Multi-head – payout, rewind, and interleaf protection.